East Coast Tour

Venture beyond Dubai and Abu Dhabi to explore the untamed natural beauty of the UAE’s East Coast.

With our East Coast tours, you’ll journey along rugged beaches, drive through date palm oases, see desert mountain ranges, and more. Escape the big city bustle and experience the UAE’s striking, lesser-known landscapes.

Majestic Hajar Mountains

The rocky Hajar Mountain range stretches along the UAE’s East Coast in a dramatic backdrop. On our tours, you’ll drive through the mountains, stopping to admire their jagged peaks and steep slopes. Some tours feature hikes for a closer look at these ancient formations and the unique flora and fauna that thrive here. The rugged mountains contrast beautifully with the sea.

Tranquil Beach Stretches

The East Coast is lined with quiet beaches that seem a world away from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You’ll make stops to stroll pristine shorelines dotted with fishing villages. Relax while taking in clear blue waters and soft sandy beaches without the crowds. For water lovers, optional activities like kayaking and snorkeling are available too.

Cultural Encounters

Get a taste of traditional Emirati culture off the beaten tourist track. Our East Coast tours may include visits to old mosques, souks selling dates and handicrafts, camel farms, or small museums showcasing local history and art. There are also opportunities to enjoy Bedouin hospitality and savor authentic Emirati cuisine.

Thrilling Dune Drives

The East Coast has striking inland desert landscapes to discover too. Many tours feature exhilarating dune bashing drives deep into golden sandy expanses away from the cities. Roll up and down steep sand dunes in a 4×4 for an adventurous desert experience. Stargazing overnight camping in the dunes is another exciting option.

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Why Sand Trek Tours?

From rugged mountains to tranquil beaches, a tour along the UAE’s East Coast reveals the country’s untamed natural beauty. Escape the bustling cities and experience cultural encounters and desert adventures. At Sand Trek Tours, we guide you to the lesser-known landscapes and hidden gems of the East Coast.

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