Dubai Sand Dune Quad Biking

Thrilling Quad Bike Tours Across Dubai’s Majestic Desert Dunes

Rev up your heart rate and adventure spirit with an exhilarating quad bike tour across Dubai’s iconic desert dunes.

At Sand Trek Tours, we offer guided quad biking trips for all skill levels so everyone can experience the thrills of riding atop rolling sandy hills with incredible desert scenery all around.

Guided Tours for All Riders

We offer a range of guided quad bike tour options so everyone can join in the fun. Tours range from one hour to half and full days. Choose from:

  • Dune Basher – 1 hr intense dune riding
  • Desert Safari – 2 hr scenic morning/sunset tour
  • Dune Explorer – 4 hr extended desert adventure
  • Overnight Safari – Ride, camp, dine under the stars

All tours include a guide leading the way plus refreshments. Private and custom tours available too.

Safety First For Maximum Fun

Safety is our top priority. Our quad bikes are routinely serviced and have rollover bars. Helmets must be worn by all riders. Guides provide full safety briefings beforehand and assist throughout the tour. We pace tours appropriately for beginners and kids. Experienced riders can open up the throttle on open dunes. With our tours, everyone from children to seniors can quad bike in the desert safely.

Breathtaking Desert Landscapes

Imagine gliding over sun-drenched sandy hills and taking in the desert’s natural beauty all around you. Our tours take you deep into Dubai’s endless golden dunes. Stop to snap pics and absorb the sweeping desert views. As the sun rises or sets, the landscape glows red and gold – a photographer’s paradise! Quad biking allows you to soak in the scenery in a thrilling way.

Unique Adventurous Experience

Quad biking across the desert dunes is an experience like no other. Kids love the junior quad bikes sized just for them. Our automatic adult quads provide effortless fun too. Test your skills climbing up high dunes then zoom back down. Traverse sandy ridges and valleys along scenic trails. Feel the thrill and freedom of the open desert around you as you cruise the dunes. An unforgettable adventure!

Easy Online Booking

Ready to ride the dunes? Browse our tour times online and instantly book your spot. We offer morning, afternoon, and sunset tours daily. Reserve in advance online for best availability. Get ready for an epic Dubai desert experience! Contact us to learn more or request a custom private quad biking package.

Explore Dubai’s Majestic Desert by Quad Bike

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Why Sand Trek Tours?

Feel your heart race as you rev up an all-terrain quad bike and zoom across Dubai’s picturesque desert dunes. At Sand Trek Tours, we offer guided quad biking adventures for all ages and skill levels so everyone can experience the thrill.

Ready for an adrenaline-filled day in the desert?

Let the dune adventures begin! Book your quad bike desert tour with Sand Trek Tours today.


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