Hot Air Balloon Rides Dubai

Experience Dubai from new heights with an incredible hot air balloon ride overlooking the dramatic skyline. 

Float peacefully above the desert and coastline for panoramic views you can’t get anywhere else. Witness the city wake up at sunrise or gaze down at glittering landmarks and shifting sands from above. A hot air balloon ride is a breathtaking, bucket-list Dubai activity.

Spectacular City & Desert Vistas

Imagine looking down upon Dubai’s ultra-modern skyscrapers, Palm Islands, Burj Al Arab, and vast desert landscapes from the air. Hot air balloon rides provide a peaceful birds-eye perspective of the city’s contrasts. Watch the sun peak over sandy dunes in the distance. Snap unforgettable photos as you gently drift above iconic sites. There’s no better way to appreciate Dubai’s beauty.

Serene Sunrise/Sunset Flights

Skim over the desert as the sun rises or sets, blanketing the dunes in warm hues. Our experienced pilots launch balloon flights specifically timed with dawn or dusk. Witness a painter’s palette of colors spread across the landscape. Early flights end with champagne breakfasts. Evening rides include dinner under the stars – a magical experience.

Professional Safety Standards

At Dubai Balloon Adventures, your safety is our priority. Our pilots are highly trained and licensed professionals with years of flight expertise. We meticulously maintain our hot air balloons and follow strict international safety protocols. Enjoy breathtaking views with complete comfort and peace of mind. For all ages and abilities, hot air ballooning is smooth, gentle, and accessible in the experienced hands of our staff.

Convenient Online Booking

Ready to check hot air balloon rides off your Dubai bucket list? Browse our schedule, select a sunrise or sunset tour time, and book your flight online in just minutes. Meet us at our launch site, receive a safety briefing, and prepare for an incredible journey high above Dubai’s marvels.

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Why Sand Trek Tours?

From desert sunrises to skyline sunsets, hot air balloon rides allow you to experience Dubai’s beauty from unique new perspectives. Soar calmly over iconic landmarks and sprawling dunes on an unforgettable flight. At Sand Trek Tours, our pilots ensure a magical, safe journey.

Ready to float peacefully above Dubai by hot air balloon?

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